Confettura di Fragole e Mele Cotogne – Donna Elvira


Consegna prevista 26, May 2022
  • Company: Donna Elvira

  • Region: Sicily
  • Ingredients: Strawberry, Quince, sugar

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Donna Elvira for this jam was inspired by the Sicilian tradition, taking a cue from the afternoons spent with her grandmother. She is innovative as always, she has decided to enrich the traditional recipe with strawberries. This is how the strawberry and quince jam was born, with a strong taste and natural sweetness, without thickeners and flavorings.

A sweet jar that contains childhood dreams.


Donna Elvira is the artisan chocolate factory in Modica, born from the study of the finest and most sought-after cocoa beans, used for an innovative experimentation of taste. Cocoa from all over the world is used for the production of single-origin bars and other unique products. Donna Elvira enhances the history of Sicilian pastry by creating the most sought-after products of this magnificent region. From modica chocolate to almond paste, respecting the raw materials through an artisanal production, which reflects a strong bond with nature.





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