Confettura Extra di Fragole – La Baita e Galleano


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Company: La Baita e Galleano

  • Region: Liguria
  • Ingredients: Mixed berries, cane sugar, pectin.
  • Allergens: –

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Product Information


The mixed berries jam from La Baita & Galeano, with hand-picked fresh fruit and 100% natural ingredients, grown without the use of chemical additives. A healthy and genuine jam, where you can feel the taste of fresh and natural strawberries. Perfect for the whole family, to give children a natural and genuine product, but at the same time sweet and greedy.


The La Baita farm located in Liguria in the province of Imperia has been growing its products 500 meters above the sea for about 200 years. At the center of the company mission is the control of the supply chain, everything is done manually from the cultivation of raw materials to their transformation. A totally sustainable agriculture without the use of chemical additives, but only natural fertilizers and spring waters. La Baita offers totally organic products that enhance the taste of nature.



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