” Rice Bar ” Barrette di Riso Integrale – Gli Aironi


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  • Company: Gli Aironi

  • Region: Piedmont
  • Ingredients: Rice syrup (rice flour, water), brown rice flakes (25%), almonds, hazelnuts (14%), cocoa beans (8%), apples *, flax seeds (5%).
  • Allergens: Nuts, flax seeds.
  • Aromas: Cocoa and coconut beans, cocoa and hazelnut beans, figs and flax seeds.
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    The Rice Bars are the first artisanal rice bars produced in Italy, produced with brown rice, born from a collaboration with Marco Bianchi, cooked by vocation and scientific popularizer in the team of Professor Umberto Veronesi.

    Sugar-free and gluten-free, they are simple and natural, born as a substitute for a delicious meal.


    The Perinotti family has been growing rice in the Grange Vercellesi for five generations. Investing in quality, experimenting and adopting low environmental impact crops. The company with enthusiasm and passion carries out continuous research to bring an excellent quality risotto to the tables of food lovers from all over the world.







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