Taralli Artigianali al Calzone Barese – Tarallà


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Company: Forneria Tarallà

  • Region: Puglia
  • Ingredients: Type 0 soft wheat flour, extra virgin olive oil, olive oil, white wine, natural flavor of the Bari-flavored blend, onion granules, salt.
  • Allergens: Lactose

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The Taralli Artigianali al Calzone Barese from Forneria Tarallà have the characteristic taste of the Bari onion calzone, a poor dish of the Apulian tradition, rediscovered for its high nutritional value. The ingredients present both in the calzone of Bari and in the onion pie, fully center the key elements of the Mediterranean diet.


The motto of the Apulian Tarallà bakery is “tradition is made up of simple things, which you will find in the production of” handmade “and artisanal products. Artisan bakery products that bring back memories to the past, with the innovation present in products with an engaging and satisfying taste.








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