Provolone del Monaco P. O. D. – Caseificio De Gennaro


  • Company: Caseificio De Gennaro
  • Region: Campania
  • Size: 500g
  • Ingredients: Milk with at least 20% TGA Agerolese, kid rennet, calf rennet, salt.

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Product Information


Provolone del Monaco P.O.D. is produced exclusively in the territory of the Lattari Mountains, in the province of Naples. A fundamental feature is the use of at least 20% milk of Agerolese cows, which characterizes the aroma making it unique. The Caseificio De Gennaro matures the Provolone del Monaco exclusively in the cave and for at least 6 months.


Provolone del Monaco is characterized by a spicy and pungent flavor, perfect as an appetizer and, if seasoned for a long time, also good on first courses. Consumed alone we advise you to combine it with a Taurasi. In the Campania tradition it is used to prepare Spaghetti alla Nerano.


The De Gennaro family of Vico Equense is closely linked with its land and its traditions. The art of dairying handed down from father to son for five generations, allows us to produce cheeses with a unique and unmistakable flavor thanks to selected, genuine and natural ingredients.

Caseificio De Gennaro has been able to balance craftsmanship and modern technologies over time, guaranteeing zero-kilometer and eco-sustainable production. A careful selection of raw materials guarantees a cheese with a singular taste, able to tell the story and flavors of the Sorrento Peninsula and Campania. The milk of the Agerolesi cows, processed in the same day, allows to create unique cheeses, including the Provolone del Monaco POD.




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