Crema di Cime di Rapa – I Contadini


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Company: I Contadini

  • Region: Puglia
  • Ingredients: Turnip greens (74%), extra virgin olive oil (23%), unrefined salt, lemon juice
  • Size: 230gr

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Product Information


The turnip greens typical of Salento are a dish of the Apulian culinary tradition. Cultivated in October, they are harvested from December to February depending on the type of plant, once harvested they are hand washed, blanched and seasoned with Mediterranean herbs and extra virgin olive oil. The low environmental impact processing includes all the stages up to the packaging done entirely by hand, with the use of traditional techniques that give us the authentic taste of Puglia.


The turnip greens cream is perfect for the preparation of appetizers, used on toasted bread with cetara anchovies, or for the preparation of first courses.


I Contadini from Ugento have written their own history in the tenacity and constancy with which they love and protect their land. They produce and transform the products of the earth thinking about well-being and health, nourishing the consumer’s mood with healthy and genuine products. Out of respect for nature, from harvesting to conservation, they do not use chemical preservatives, respecting the authentic peasant tradition of Salento.

Valori nutrizionali medi per 100g
Energia Kcal 230/KJ 946
Grassi 23,3 g
di cui acidi grassi saturi 3,4g
Carboidrati 2,2g
di cui zuccheri 2,1g
Proteine 1,9g
Sale 2,0g



230 gr




Creme, Vegan friendly

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