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Company: Azienda ItalianaVera

  • Region: Campania
  • Ingredients: Red chillies, dried tomatoes, EVO oil
  • Format: 100gr

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Product Information


Piccantina is born from the union of two main ingredients of the Italian tradition, chili pepper, the fiery red and spicy one, and dried tomatoes, the tasty and delicate ones, of the highest quality. Grinded and blended with our best EVO oil, they give life to bright and fiery flavors. A spicy and enveloping taste to season our moments of relaxation with a pinch of euphoria.


A delicious and unique balance of its kind to be served on crackers, croutons and savory focaccia, or to accompany vegetables and stuffed fillings.


Italiavera is a young company that produces and transforms the best varieties of Italian tomatoes from the Campania region into excellent sauces and preserves. A female company that values women, who have always been a skilled guardian of the secrets of home preserves. Genuine preserves that contain all the taste of freshly made sauce.




100 gr




Creme, Sughi

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