Ketchup Bianco di Cipolla di Giarratana – Fagone


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Company: Azienda Agricola Fagone

  • Region: Sicily
  • Ingredients: Giarratana onion (80%), extra virgin olive oil, cane sugar, vinegar, salt, rice flour, anchovies, garlic, spices
  • Size: 100 g

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Product Information


The White Onion Ketchup of Giarratana is an innovative product where we find the intense and decisive flavor of the ketchup in which the onion takes on the leading role.


We recommend it both as an aperitif and as an ingredient for various Mediterranean dishes.


The Fagone farm founded in the 1980s revolves around the giarratana onion, a Slow Food Presidium product of Sicily. In the early years Salvatore concentrated his efforts on the cultivation and sale of the onion, but in 2006 with a strong increase in demand he decided to transform the onion into delicious preserves.

Valori nutrizionali medi per 100g
Energia Kcal 195/KJ 805
Grassi 8,1g
di cui acidi grassi saturi 2,46g
Carboidrati  26,9g
di cui zuccheri 26,0g
Proteine 3,1g
Sale 1,5g




100 gr




Salsa, Sott’Oli


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